CLIL Biology Wall Posters and Flashcards

biology poster

CLIL Biology Wall Posters and Flashcards

Hello teachers. A slightly new topic this week. I am currently working with some very hard-working secondary school Biology teachers in Viet Nam who are trying their best to make sense of CLIL. I made this poster to give an idea of the kind of support  CLIL Biology teachers can give to their students to support pronunciation of difficult biology words they may encounter.

As you can see, the poster is colourful and suitable to have on the wall in your classroom (you can download it in the link below). Try to make some posters of your own and see what difference it will make to your students’ English!

Included here are also some flashcards I made to demonstrate a Biology lesson on photosynthesis. You can download these flashcards below with the ‘Word Cards’ and use with your students if you like!



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Catch you soon!

DOWNLOAD POSTER Biology Poster Words With An ‘ee’ Sound

DOWNLOAD FLASHCARDS Photosynthesis Flashcards

DOWNLOAD WORD CARDS Photosynthesis Word Cards



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