Short Stories Project

Here you can find short stories to use with your English classes. The stories are very simple and are designed to get students learning English through reading. Give them a try with your class. You can read them aloud to your students, print them off and let the students read them alone in class or at home, or use them to supplement any classroom exercises you might do.


  • Beginner Readers from this website are generally for students learning English for the first year at primary school (this may be Grade 3 or Grade 5 in your school).
  • Intermediate Readers are for students learning English for the second year at primary school.
  • Advanced Readers are for students learning English for the third year at primary school.
  • Of course if you have strong students in your class (no matter what grade) they can use the Advanced Readers. Weaker students can use Beginner Readers to get them started.
  • Make it enjoyable, so no boring drills, repetition etc. of the language from the stories please.
  • Read to your class at the end of the week before they go home for the weekend.
  • Get students involved by asking them questions about the pictures.
  • Use your acting voice when reading stories to your students. Don’t worry, you will get better at this the more you do it.
  • Don’t worry about vocabulary. The pictures and context should help your students to follow!
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the story in your own way.
  • Have fun!

Below are stories for you to download. There is also an audio for each story to help you with the pronunciation of any difficult words. Stories will be added regularly, so keep visiting and show support by using the ‘Comment’ box below. The more you read, the more we write! Until then, we hope you enjoy our stories!


Beginners: The Dinosaur Who Eats and Eats

DOWNLOAD The Dinosaur Eats and Eats (Beginner Readers)

This is a story about a dinosaur who ate so much, he got a stomach ache! Hope your students do not eat too much like the dinosaur! You can listen to the story below:


Beginners: Hamoodi Sees Many Things

DOWNLOAD Hamoodi Sees Many Things (Beginner Readers)

Can your students guess what Hamoodi sees? Give it a try! you can listen to the story below:


Beginners: The Watering – Can and The Seeds

DOWNLOAD The Watering – Can and The Seeds (Beginner Readers)

This is a very simple story about what can grow in a garden. Get your watering – cans ready and guess what will grow in the garden. The audio for the story is below to help you practise before telling the story to your class! Enjoy!


Intermediate: Where Did My Banana Go?

DOWNLOAD Where Did My Banana Go? (Intermediate Readers)

Have your students ever complained about losing anything. Maybe they will enjoy this story about a student who lost a banana during their school day. You can listen to the story below:


Advanced: The Flying Car

DOWNLOAD The Flying Car (Advanced Readers)

A touching story about an old, abandoned car that is given the chance to fly. Hope your students enjoy the story and don’t forget to listen to the audio below if you need support with the pronunciation of some of the words.


35 thoughts on “Short Stories Project

    • Thank you very much for your comments Ngan. Please try to read the story aloud to your students in class. You can use the audio to help you practise. Look forward to sharing more stories with you!


  1. intersting stories. Teacher Thanh. Thank you so much for your ideas which help me to develop the similar stories in my class. Nice to hear your voice.!


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