CLIL Biology Board Game

Beware the Virus Board Game-1

CLIL Biology Board Game

Would you like to try a board game to help your students review key topics about human biology? Give this a try!

This was a board game made to help CLIL teachers of Biology address the 4 C’s of CLIL: Content (using materials that are suitable), Cognition (helping students think more deeply), Communication (helping students to use the target language with each other) and Cultural (to help build students’ knowledge and experiences of the world around them). The teachers really enjoyed the game and it is hoped they will try it with their students at their schools.

You can download it below and try with your students if you work in a CLIL Biology context.

It is a bit resource heavy because you do need to print them out and in colour if possible!

A special mention needs to go out to Mr P. Scott who produced the question cards which were selected to demonstrate this board game. You can find the questions cards at a reasonable price here:

Direct link to Quiz Cards here:

You can also make and use your own question cards for the game to review any area from human biology.

As usual, if you found this board game useful and addresses the 4 C’s of CLIL then please hit the FOLLOW button below to get updates and leave a COMMENT below!

Until next time, enjoy!

Beware the Virus Board Game-1

DOWNLOAD HERE Beware the Virus Board Game

Beware the Virus Rules Sheet-1.jpg

DOWNLOAD HERE Beware the Virus Rules Sheet

Virus Cards for Monitor -1.jpg

DOWNLOAD HERE Virus Cards for Monitor

Antibodies Cards for Collection -1.jpg

DOWNLOAD HERE Antibody Cards for Collection

Virus Cards-1



Counter Cards-1DOWNLOAD HERE Counter Cards

You can get your students to draw their own cells into the squares above. They can use as counters to play the board game.


You will need to make a set (referred to as a ‘deck’ in the RULES SHEET above) of QUESTION and ANSWER cards. You will need about 20+ of each. Refer to the RULES SHEET above to see what to do with them.


For each group assign your strongest student to be the monitor. The monitor’s main task is to manage the game. They will need the following from you:

1. Answer Key for the QUESTION and ANSWER cards.

2. Virus card

The monitor needs to:

1. Read the cards out to the players.

2. Ensure all players are following the rules of the game.

3. Decide if the players’ responses are acceptable or not.


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