Online Teacher Support Sessions Are Available!

Long time everyone! We have been busy designing and delivering high quality presentations about teaching English. We delivered these to teachers from Guinea, Palestine, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam. The feedback has been great! Thank you teachers! Have a look at some of our slides below on our first session: ‘From Knowing English to Using English’.

These were presented in an a way that was easy to follow, keeping things simple, practical and reflective of your classroom situation. Teachers commended the sessions for being easy to understand and apply to their classrooms.

If you are interested in our online teacher support sessions please get in touch with us at: These sessions are FREE and delivered via Zoom and we can accept up to 100 participants! Look forward to hearing from you!

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Video Demo of a Zero Materials Speaking Activity You All Can Try!

Long time everyone.

Well, we’re are back and this time we have made an animated video showing a speaking activity you can definitely try with your students this week.

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Catch you all soon with more videos!

Using Popular Games for Pronunciation Activities: Pelmanism and Snap!

Enjoy using our pronunciation flashcards for a variety of activities in your classroom or at home.

Two popular games you can play with our mini flashcards: pelmanism and snap1

How to play pelmanism.

Pelmanism can be played from the board in your classroom or students can play them in groups.

Syllable Snap! How to play.

This version uses the Word Cards only.

Syllable Snap! A more advanced version with Picture Cards only.

Stress and Guess! This requires some good listening skills.

Download Cards Below:

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Build Your Child’s Fluency with Our Free Fluency Flaschcard Flipbook. Can Your Child Reach Level 4?

Try our new flipbook to help your children build fluency. Simply LISTEN and REPEAT!

Download the flipbook below in flipbook format or PDF (no audio).

Slideshow Preview

Download links below:

ELE Fluency Flashcard Flipbook for Desktop Windows

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/-sss/, /-zzz/ and /-ɪzzz/: Try Our Free Flipbook to Practise!

This is a re-post of our pronunciation flipbook which focuses on the ‘-s’ ending sounds found with many Englsih plurals. These ‘-s’ endings can sometimes have a /s/ /z/ or /ɪz/. You can find out more information about ‘-s’ ending sounds and its relationsihip to ‘voiced’ and ‘voiceless’ sounds HERE.

To use the flipbook simply click on the DOWNLOAD links below. The file is about 70mb and will play in your web browser. You can also play audios in the book to help with the pronunciation. Enjoy!


Below is also a PDF version you can download. This one has no audio but you can be the model for the pronunciation if you like!

If you have problems downloading the file please email us directly at and we can send you a link to the file.

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