Welcome to our Flashcards page. Here you can find high quality, attractive pictures that are hand drawn with a watercolour finish to brighten up your classrooms.

Flashcards are not just for decoration, but can provide pupils with an excellent focal point to help develop their vocabulary. Not only do flashcards bring together meaning, word form and pronunciation, but they can also be used to elicit a variety of language from your pupils!

For this reason we have designed our flashcards so that there is a primary feature (the target vocabulary) and secondary features to help elicit a variety of language from your pupils. For example, if you look at our Fruit Flashcards, you will see the target word is as follows:

Target vocabulary: ‘apples’

Secondary features:  ‘a green apple’, ‘a red apple’, ‘an apple cut in half’, ‘a chopping board’, ‘a knife’, and ‘grass’.

Suggested questions: ‘Where is the red apple?’, ‘Is the green apple cut in half?’ (the list goes on!).

As a result both ‘stronger’ and ‘weaker’ pupils of different ages can benefit from our flashcards.

We also understand that teachers like to use flashcards to help support a variety of games and activities they may wish to use in the classroom. As a result our flashcards are available in three ways:

Type A: Large pictures with no captions.

Type B: Large pictures with captions.

Type C: Small cards with words (useful for card-based games).

The flashcards follow the English alphabet, so you will find anything from apples to xigua (the fancy word for melons originating from China!). You might also find familar things like apples, bananas and oranges and more exotic things like dates, fighs and guavas!

We provide support to help you as follows:

Audio: Helps give you an idea of how each word on the flashcards are pronounced.

Secondary language: Suggested words to help elicit a variety of language from each flashcard.

Games and activities: Ideas on how to use our flashcards to play a variety of vocabulary and speaking games.

You may also find that our flashcards present the target vocabulary in its plural form (if it is countable). This will help you elicit both plural and singular forms from one flashcard. For example with the A-Z Fruit Flashcards you can point to one apple to elicit singular or to several apples to elicit plural.

We hope our flashcards appeal to a variety of cultural contexts and pupils’ language levels. We will be updating this section regularly with new flashcards, so please keep visiting and don’t forget to leave comments and feedback!


DOWNLOAD A-Z Fruit Flashcards Type A

flashcards no captions

DOWNLOAD A-Z Fruit Flashcards Type B

flashcards captions

DOWNLOAD A-Z Fruit Flashcards Type C

Small flashcards

Click the player below to get help with pronunciation for the A-Z Fruit Flashcards:


22 thoughts on “Flashcards

  1. It’s very useful for me to teach our students with these flashcards. It’s easy to remember vocabulary and review them effectively. Many thanks to my dear teacher, Mr Thanh!

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  2. Thanks teacher so much. I like your pictures , I like your voice but it think it is better if these words have pronunciation s and stress beside them.

    Liked by 1 person

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