About ELE Classroom

Teaching English is not easy! This is even more challenging if English is not your first language and you work in classes with large numbers of students and few resources. For this reason, we decided to start a website with ideas and high quality resources for teachers with their teaching situation and needs in mind.

ELE Classroom is a website designed for teachers who:

  • Work in low resource classrooms (the most teachers may have is a blackboard and some chalk).
  • Work in classrooms with at least 30 – 50 students.
  • Have low confidence in their own English
  • Need support with their teaching.
  • Need access to high quality teachign materials to support their lessons.
  • Need ideas on how to use these materials for their classroom.

We also understand that teachers need support with teaching methods in the classroom. For this reason, we provide TIPS on HOW to use the ideas and materials with your students. We hope you find these useful!

Most of our meterials will be for FREE, however to help keep this website running, there will be some materials which will require a subscription to gain full access. These subscriptions will be at a very low price. Our intention is to allow teachers to get an increasing amount of materials for a very low fixed annual fee. This is an ongoing project so please keep an eye out for this when we get it up and running!

Finally, please keep visiting us. Our website is still under construction but we will try our best to update it with new ideas and materials for you to use. In particular, read our Blogs, which will focus mainly on PRONUNCIATION features of English. We know teachers like to improve their pronunciation skills!

Please do not forget to leave feedback on our materials in the ‘COMMENTS’ boxes!














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