Practising English at Home

How many can you find around your home?

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since we last posted something. We were busy working on writing and teacher training projects, but due to the coronavirus outbreak we are now back in our homes.

We hope you and your families are well and are in good health during this time. Please stay at home as advised.

We understand that schools are closed for many of you right now and in response we will try to share some nice activiites your children can do at home to help practise English.

To start off, try this simple activity called ‘100 Things Around Your Home’. Your children go around the house and simply tick the items they see on the list. Treat like a game and see who can find the most! You can ‘Download’ below!

You can LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT below (or on our Facebook page) if you found this activity useful! Don’t forget to let us know how many your children found!


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